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Energy Saving Tips
Trees not only improve your landscaping and help the planet; they can also contribute to saving energy on your heating and cooling bill.
Clean your vents and seal ducts properly to improve efficiency by up to 20 percent*.
Get smart: Installing a smart thermostat is a small investment, but quickly turns to huge savings and a warmer home.
Make a 2014 Energy Resolution. Consider investing in an energy-efficient electric heat pump, CFL bulbs, weatherproofing or ENERGY STAR® appliances that can help save money all year long.
Up to 15% of a home's heat loss can be attributed to an improperly sealed attic entrance.
Sealing leaks with caulk is an easy way to keep energy costs low.
Make a plan as family for using less energy with energy efficient tips.
If under a flood warning, shut off your main breaker and unplug all devices.
Plant trees and shrubs to shade your home and save up to 35% on cooling costs.
Make home improvements and receive a Federal Tax Credit.
Ensuring your vents can flow freely, replacing your furnace filter and properly sealing windows and fireplaces are just a few simple ways you can save.
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